Iran is a country in west Asia. This country is the second largest country in the Middle East with 1648195 square kilometer.

Iran borders Armenia and Republic of Azerbaijan to the northwest and form the north with Caspian sea, to the north east with Turkmenistan, from the east with Afghanistan and Pakistan , from the south with Persian gulf and sea of Oman , and it borders Iraq and turkey to the west.

At the last census , the population of Iran is 82.000.000


Isfahan is a historical city in the center of Iran.

Isfahan has cyan dome, Islamic walls, historic bridges, and unique historical monument.

Isfahan is the third most populous province in as well as is the sixth largest province of iran.

Isfahan have a different ethnicities

The province is industrial place of iran and steel product of country

From Isfahan has verity in quality competition competitive price

Alpha stone co

With half a century of experience in the production of Iranian stone ,  in 2018 , it started exporting with the mines it acquired.

The main goal of the Alpha stone company is introducing the best stone mines in Iran to the world as well as development of Iranian stone exports in the world arena

Office address :

Alpha stone /12 ave / Mahmud abad / Isfahan / Iran